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18/11/2011 13:44

Logging In

Please log in using your username and password.  This VLE is your learning environment allowing you access to all your files, subjects and learning needs anytime and anywhere.

03/02/2011 14:24

A very warm welcome to South Molton Community College

ICT Best practice

I agree that I will NOT do, or be involved in any of the following:

- Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures
- Using obscene language
- Harassing, insulting or attacking others
- Damaging computer systems or networks
- Violating copyright laws
- Using passwords belonging to other users
- Amending folders, work or files of other users
- Intentionally wasting resources
- Accessing systems without authority or permission
- Deliberately introducing computer viruses onto a school system
- Accessing material which is considered unsuitable or introducing such material onto school systems
- Employing school systems for commercial purposes
- Theft of equipment
- Private use of school systems which falls outside the school's private use policy
- Posting anonymous messages and forwarding chain letters

17/03/2010 13:08

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